In the Workshop

Leather Making Process

Every item created in our studio is carefully crafted with a focus on the smallest detail. The art of leather carving is our passion and inspiration


Life in Work

Proves Itself Through Time

After carving, the artist will paint the carving from the dye imported from the United States, Japan to harmonize the painting before making wallet.

A wallet is made of vegetable tanned leather, all the seams and drawing are made completely by hand. It is hand-stitched up by wax thread. Thanks for full grain leather, it will be aged beautifully, brighter and softer over time.

Our goods mostly are sewn by using the “saddle” stitch method. This manual technique offers a stronger structure than the traditional lock stitch created by sewing machines. Although it takes long time to make, leather products will last a lifetime.

Also, personalized up to eight initials or special characters can be embossed, stamped on the inside or outside of this wallet in your choice. Comes with gift box can be a decent gift for family or friend!


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